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AFA-179 Updates!

May 27th:  “China: Inside the People’s Liberation Army Air Force”

Join us for a live webinar featuring Dr. Brendan Mulvaney. Dr. Mulvaney is the Director of the China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI).

CASI Mission:

"The mission of Air University's China Aerospace Studies Institute (CASI) is to advance understanding of the capabilities, development, operating concepts, strategy, doctrine, personnel, organization, and limitations of China's aerospace forces, which include: the PLA Air Force (PLAAF); PLA Naval Aviation (PLAN Aviation); PLA Army Aviation; PLA Rocket Force (PLARF); the Strategic Support Force (PLASSF), primarily space and cyber; the civilian and commercial infrastructure that supports the above."

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2020 MAY Webinar

2020 MAY Webinar

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